Zbrush dynamesh is fantastic.

I’ve been delaying working on modeling my actual stonefish for quite a while now, for a number of reasons. But! I have a model of an actual fish (sort of…it’s plaster), which I was able to put through a laser scanner and pop it into Maya and Zbrush for some cleaning and sculpting. The dynamesh in the new Zbrush is amazing – after spending an ungodly amount of time trying to clean up the form in Maya, I threw it into Zbrush and put it in dynamesh mode, which took care of a lot of the junk on the scan model…happiness. Now it’s down to sculpting up the model, fixing holes, and jamming out to Nickel Creek.

Here’s a quick progress shot – lots more sculpting to do still.

I love Zbrush.

2 thoughts on “Zbrush dynamesh is fantastic.

    • Hey Dave – I don’t remember what the model was called exactly, it was a small scanner in the UIC Craniofacial clinic that I got to squeeze in and use. I honestly ended up building the model up from scratch in Zbrush anyway though, I got a cleaner mesh and with the dynamesh feature it went pretty quickly. Good luck with it- it’s an awesome program!

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