Testicular Cluster

testicular-clusterThe cluster fun continues! This finished series is for our Testicular Pain cluster, with the following pathologies, plus normal anatomy: indirect inguinal hernia, abnormal tunica vaginalis attachment, testicular torsion, epididymitis, testicular cancer, testicular self-exam, renal vs. ureteral pain distribution, prehn sign, and cremasteric reflex.

As with the shoulder cluster, everything started in 3D (Blender), was pulled into Photoshop for paintover and further editing, and finally brought into Illustrator for layout and labeling.

Finished Endotracheal Intubation man

This project was actually completed before the 3D knee images, but I needed to make a couple of edits before posting. I ended up changing the layout almost completely, with help from the amazing Laura Bronkhorst. The grey border around the image is the actual dimension – it’s designed to be placed in a scientific journal.
I created everything with the pen tool in Illustrator – Dan snuck me into the SIM lab at his school so that I got to actually practice intubation on a dummy, as well as check out the instruments first hand. I also watched a lot of videos of the process as references. I may have abstracted the head anatomy a little too much – that was something that came up in critique. It’s an issue I may revisit later.

Intubation Station – progress

I thought I’d post some late-stage progress for my Endotracheal intubation illustration project that’s due on Tuesday. It’s all done in Illustrator using the pen tool, which I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with. I like that the vector format lets me resize any way I want, but my workflow really takes a hit using the pen tool. I probably just need to work with it more. Anyway, the first is a set of mouth sketches from the anesthesiologist’s POV (or EMT, or whoever is performing the procedure). The next is the (nearly) done illustration of all of the steps. I need to edit the ET tube, and do some work with the layout, what I have right now is pretty basic. If I can’t come up with anything that’s probably how it will stay.