Fibrin clot – done/almost done…

I think I’m close to being done. I can’t decide yet. I’m open to any thoughts anyone has on this!

Nearly done...


More immune sketches

I revised my fibrin clot composition, and tried out a fun new (to me) technique – 3D mock-up. The modeling is all very rough, the purpose was more to manipulate components of the sketch. It was a really helpful thing to do, I was able to play around with the shape of the artery, the perspective, and the lighting. The overall result was a much better sketch than the originals…

Immune Response sketches

For both my 3D class and illustration class we’re doing cellular landscapes. Way fun. I love looking at SEM images, and I think concept sketching for things like this is becoming one of my favorite things to do. Everything has so much potential when you’re in this stage…anyway, below are some very rough, colored sketches for what I think I’m going with for each class.
This will be the one in 3D, it shows a dendritic cell in a lymph node presenting its phagocytized, broken-up antigen to a naive T cell. I got really excited about the whole idea of “presenting” for this one…The plan is to go with the sketch on the bottom for the modeling.

These are even rougher sketches – they’re showing the formation of a blood clot. The fibrin tendrils are the bundle of fibers up in the corners of the sketches, I’ll work out a less messy way to show them. I think I like the middle one the best here….