Responsive Web Design

I’ve recently begun working on a website redesign for a client with great ideas for an amazing product for medical education, but now feels that his site is in need of a facelift. With all the crazy things we can do with web nowadays, and our ability to view a website just about anywhere, it has become incredibly important to have a website with a responsive design. I say this feeling like a hypocrite, since my website is NOT like this, but hey, I’m working on it. Another hot thing in web design now is also the use of horizontal/vertical sliders – I am a huge fan of this look, and think it makes everything so much cleaner, but it can be difficult to organize into a responsive site.

Anyway, I found these links and tools that I found very helpful when creating my initial wireframes, and thought I’d share: [tons of neat tools, the link below is a pullout from this site] [ experiment with how layouts are altered as the screen size changes] [ the link pretty much says it all ]