Heart animation progress

Still running a little behind on this project – everything has been brought over from ZBrush to Maya now though. I’m having issues with the displacement and normal maps on the heart morphs I built to have it beat – I’m losing my maps and the polygons are getting boxy and fragmented once I leave my target mesh, so that’s something to puzzle out. Otherwise, here are some stills (minus the venom – I’m doing that in AfterEffects to cut some corners) from the animation. I think the cut heart still needs some refinement, or a different lighting setup…


More in Zbrush

More ZBrush fun – experimenting with current and past projects with subtools, lighting, and the spotlight editor.┬áThe mouse embryo was something I modeled for my Maya class last semester, and the stonefish is in continual refinement. He’s going to get printed out soon to grace my desk. Gulp. ┬áThe pictures I used in the stonefish background were open source creative commons/stuff I took from snorkel and scuba trips.

The mouse on the left is about 17,000 polys, and on the right is around 300,000. Thank you displacement/normal maps. Too bad you’re such a pain to get to work sometimes.

For anyone interested in learning ZBrush, I highly recommend ZBrush Character Creation: Advanced Digital Sculpting by Scott Spencer. You can buy it from here: http://www.amazon.com/ZBrush-Character-Creation-Advanced-Sculpting/dp/0470572574/ref=dp_ob_title_bk

Heart model

I’ve been sick the last week, and since I’m unable to really study neuro I’ve switched back to getting some work hammered out on the heart venom animation – I sculpted this up in ZBrush, and will be working on a cut version of the heart so you can see the chambers as it beats. I’m trying to keep it fairly simple looking, with basic textures applied.

I had been thinking keeping the color scheme blue, but that seemed too soothing for what the content is, so I’m trying red…strange though, once I switched the color scheme I found myself more tense while I worked on it. Color theory in action!

Heart scene - test render

And now, back to my movie marathon and gallons of tea. Getting a flu shot next season.

Stonefish model adjustments

I’ve gone back into ZBrush and fixed my dude’s jaw up a bit (he was too angler-fishy before) and made some fin adjustments too…also, I liked snapping a quick still of him in Zbrush to show his actual coloring before I dunk him in the ocean with all the caustics/fog etc. Now to get him rigged….

Quick screenshot - Dorsolateral body view

quick screenshot - ventral side

Productive night…

Last night (all night, ha) was an awesome work/catch-up night. I finished the stonefish model, which after finally scrapping the laser scan model I had, took only about 3 hours to model from zspheres and dynamesh in Zbrush. I really love sculpting and painting, I can definitely see myself focusing on that more. I might come back and tweak the model more later.

You know what I don’t love? Lighting. It’s so tedious, and I feel like I sit in front of the computer for hours tweaking one little setting, watching it render, then debating, then repeat. Over and over….Anyway, I’m determined to learn to deal with it this time, and get a good lighting set up.

The first few images are straight from Zbrush, and the last is with him in the scene and some preliminary lighting in Maya…not sure why I’m not getting any shadows on it, but it’s a start.


Finished, side view

Finished, 3/4 view

Chilling out. Waiting to poison someone.

Zbrush dynamesh is fantastic.

I’ve been delaying working on modeling my actual stonefish for quite a while now, for a number of reasons. But! I have a model of an actual fish (sort of…it’s plaster), which I was able to put through a laser scanner and pop it into Maya and Zbrush for some cleaning and sculpting. The dynamesh in the new Zbrush is amazing – after spending an ungodly amount of time trying to clean up the form in Maya, I threw it into Zbrush and put it in dynamesh mode, which took care of a lot of the junk on the scan model…happiness. Now it’s down to sculpting up the model, fixing holes, and jamming out to Nickel Creek.

Here’s a quick progress shot – lots more sculpting to do still.

I love Zbrush.